Crown & Veneer


The crown is the cover of the tooth with metal or porcelain material (tooth color). It is required if

1. the tooth is seriously decayed and cannot be filled up
2. the tooth is broken or cracked.
3. the tooth that root canal treatment has been done.
4. The crown is made to beautify the shape, position or color of the tooth, especially at the front teeth.

*Therefore, some cases that require only to improve the front teeth to look more beautiful, orthodontic may not be necessary. The crown is also safer and takes only 1-2 weeks. 




Veneer (Front teeth coating)

  2 types of materials are used

  1. Ceramic veneer : more expensive but durable
  2. Composite veneer: cheaper and look nice

Require when

1. Need to improve shape and correct the alignment of teeth with minimum problem. (crown is better for the teeth with serious problem) 

2. Need to whiten the color of the teeth (give better result than tooth whitening) 




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