Dental Implant

 Dental Implant Implant is the permanent replacement of lost teeth by using strong and secure material as titanium that is well connected with the bone. The successful of dental implant depends on many factors. The most important factor is the dentist team. Vanarom Dental Clinic has dental specialists who are specialize in surgery and tooth replacement. They are dental implant specialised dentists from USA with American Board Certify in dental implant.


 Why Dental Implant at Vanarom is good?

1. We have big and well equipped dental surgery rooms with leading hospital cleanliness standard.

2. Dental implant is like a new part of body that will be with the patient forever. We, therefore, for long term usage, select only high quality, trustable brand and long term use certified materials.

3. Small dental implant is normally cheaper than big implant but it may be broken at the later time. We choose only standard size dental implant that match with the tooth for long term usage. (We do not use the smaller than standard size to save cost. )

4. Dental implant is not a difficult treatment but it requires dentists with high experience in dental implant surgery and crown to make a good work. Our dentist teams are with full experiences and they have many year experiences in dental implant in leading hospitals. 

5. Forget about your worry of pain. Our dentists are gentle and care and will leave only small cut from surgery.   








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