Occlusion & temporomandibular joint

 Some people may have the problem but do not realize it. Chewing and jaw problems may be noticeable from

click sound at front ear, the jaw stay open after wide open of mouth for yawning, feel pain or ache at ear muscle when wake up in the morning, feel pain at jaw when chewing sticky or hard food.

Sometime, if the problem caused from malocclusion, it can be resolved by orthodontic. But if the problem is not only from malocclusion but including jaw joint damage, from sleep biting, etc., then the treatment by inserting occlusion splint will be helpful. The occlusion splint should be worn during sleep to reduce the pressure on temporomandibular joint.   



Over 90% of patients who wear occlusal splint feel better, have less pain and the click sound at the front of the ear is less.



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