Extraction & wisdom teeth


Normally, extraction is recommended when the tooth cannot be cured by root canal treatment or gum treatment. Keeping of natural teeth as long as possible is definitely better than replace them with artificial tooth.


 wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth is the tooth that cannot erupt properly.  It usually occurs during the age of 18 – 25 years old. It might erupt straightly, inclinedly or horizontally and usually attach with the adjacent teeth and then cause difficulty in cleaning and make the teeth easily decayed and the gum nearby infected. Sometimes it might cause severe pain and terrible swelling.    


Why wisdom tooth should be extracted?

1. To prevent swelling at the gum. In some cases, ignorance of extracting wisdom    
    tooth may cause spreading of the infection to the chin, under of the tongue or other
    parts of the body and it is very dangerous.    
2. Prevent occurrence of decay at the adjacent teeth.
3. Orthodontic requires wisdom teeth extraction to make the teeth moving properly.
Symptoms after wisdom teeth extraction
- Feel pain at the cheek side that operation was made for 2-3 days
- Less wide of mouth opening during the first week
- Eat soft food during first 2-3 days to avoid affecting of the operation wound
- Able to speak normally
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