Tooth Whitening

 Tooth Whitening is  the method to whiten the teeth and make the smile shining. It is popular because the process is not complicate, do not take long time and the cost is not too high. Before tooth whitening, the dentist will check the mouth condition and compare the color before and after whitening process for the patients to consider. The white quality will depend on the previous tooth condition and tooth color of the patients. In the case that the tooth condition of the patient cannot be whiten with only tooth whitening process, such as the teeth were browned because of tetracycline intake or the tooth is rotten until color of tooth issue is visible, the dentist will then recommend other choices to the patients.


 We have 3 types of tooth whitening to choose.

1. Home Bleaching that can be done at home and give durable white result
The dentist will do functional impression for producing customize bleaching tray. The patient will receive a tooth whitening set including customize bleaching tray and the dentist will explain how to use it. The customize tray is thin , clear and comfortable to wear.  The tooth will be whiter after 1-2 times of whitening process.


2. In Office Bleaching - immediate instant whitening results

In-office tooth whitening is done by the dentist at the clinic. It will take around 1 hour. The process including application of rich whitening compound over the teeth together with application of cool light to stimulate the compound. If the color of the patient’s is too strong or if durable white is required, more than 1 time of treatment is required. In office bleaching can be done to stimulate the whitening compound and follow with at-home tooth whitening process (as per the below details in no. 3), the results will be better and more durable.



3.(In Office and home bleaching)  - immediate and durable whitening result  From no. 2, the whitening process can be done first at the clinic to stimulate the response to the compound and if the patient follows with the process at home, the results will be much better, i.e. immediate, durable and give better whitening results. During or after the tooth whitening process for 1-2 days, some patients may have a hyper-sensitive teeth but the condition will disappear after the whitening process is ended.

Tips about tooth whitening

- Tooth whitening do not make the tooth enamel become thinner

- After tooth whitening, smoking and consuming of strong color food such as chocolate, tea, coffee, red wine, red and yellow curry should be avoided for 2-4 weeks.

- The whitening results will be durable or not depending on individual food consumption. If the patients cannot stop drinking tea coffee or eating food that will leave some stain, the tooth whitening process may be required again later. Avoid drinking or eating those kinds of drink and food will keep the teeth white for a long time.





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